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Seller’s Guide to Auctions

Pundole’s is dedicated to making the process of selling at auction as simple and uncomplicated as possible. A member of staff will guide you through the valuation and auction process. Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping you realise the full potential of your property.

To start the process, you will require a written or verbal valuation. You may schedule an appointment to bring your item to our premises for a specialist to inspect, or, alternatively, you may send us photographs and a detailed description. For more information, please read our section on Valuations.

For any property agreed for sale, packing, and delivery to our location will be your responsibility. However, we will be happy to assist you by recommending art shippers if needed. You may also drop off your property at Pundole’s with a prior appointment.

Please call us at +91 22 6114 6464 to arrange a time for us to value your property.

Get A Valuation

width 31/8 in., in a Gazdar box

Sold for Rs. 22,00,000

Height 161⁄2 Width 243⁄4 Depth 101⁄2 in. (41.8 x 63 x 26.7 cm.)

Sold for Rs. 35,00,000

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